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Polly Workflow

Why Nextflow:

  • Significant reduction in execution time with parallel processing of pipeline/sub-processes within a pipeline with support of polly's computationally resources

  • Offer users with interactive reports, timelines, DAGs, and trace documents—which we don't have currently but which will help with monitoring and boost the pipeline efficiency through better planning.

  • Reduced effort and more portability as dockerization of all the codes is not needed

Nextflow on Polly:

  • All Polly multi-processing jobs that have a diverse machine needs and demand a lot of computing time can be converted into Nextflow pipeline, for an effective run.
  • As the code uses modularized processes, it is more adaptable since individual modules may be plugged into and used in other pipelines, increasing its reproducibility and flexibility.
  • For computationally intensive analyses to process enormous numbers of data and metadata, resource optimization is a major bonus, which in turn helps save cost.

Comparison of Polly CLI Jobs with Nextflow on Polly :

Features Polly Jobs Nextflow Jobs
Ready to use Parallel processing No Yes
Machine configuration customization for each step/process/module in a workflow/pipeline No Yes
Dividing pipeline into individual modules which helps in easy customization and reproducibility No Yes
Need for dockerization Yes No
Informative and interactive report documents with timelines, DAGs and resource usage stats for pipeline executed No Yes