About Polly Notebooks

Polly Notebook is a scalable analytics platform which allows you to perform data analysis. This Jupyter-like notebook is hosted on AWS Sagemaker. With functionalities designed to boost reliability, scalability, and ease of usage, users can expect a smoother journey through their tasks. It provides the flexibility to select the compute capacity, and the environment according to your need along with the ability to share the analyses with your peers for seamless team collaboration.

Some of the features of Polly Notebooks over other local hosting options are:

  • Ready-to-code platform: Installing and maintaining environments for every notebook can be a frustrating overhead. We provide custom docker environments that come pre-installed with modules commonly used in bioinformatics. You can also add your own custom docker environments. Sagemaker offers a robust and scalable platform for notebook execution.

  • Enhanced Analysis Experience: Once the environment is configured, users can write their code and conduct analysis within the familiar Jupyter notebook interface.

  • Cloud storage: With Polly Notebooks, you can store your data files and notebooks in a single place that will be ready to run in less than 5 minutes. No need to fetch your code from Bitbucket anymore.

  • Share and collaborate on your Workspaces: Polly allows sharing of workspaces so you can review and refer notebooks within your team.

  • Resource management: Most biological analyses (like RNAseq) are commonly resource-intensive, whether in terms of RAM or processing power. In such cases, you either have to scramble for bigger resources or compromise on the speed by using less processing power. Polly makes it possible to scale up your resources at any time.