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Types of OmixAtlas

Types of OmixAtlasses

There are two types of data sources at OmixAtlasses -

1. Where Elucidata provides all the data to the users and users can find the data themselves and choose their datasets of interest.

2. Where users come to our experts and request the kind of datasets they are interested in. Our experts will find the relevant datasets.

For the first data source, we have a new offering called 'Polly Basic'. In this, there are two types of OmixAtlasses - 

1. Source Atlas - Source Atlas is where all the ML-ready curated datasets are stored. There are two source atlases - Bulk RNASeq OmixAtlas and Single Cell RNASeq OmixAtlas.

2. Destination Atlas - Destination atlas is where users store their datasets of interest. Users can find datasets in the source atlas and move datasets of interest to the destination atlas for their analysis. To move the datasets, users would have to use the credits that are prepaid. Users can do downstream analysis either on their own or they can contact our experts for any special service or requests (such as curating specific field, or for downstream analysis) that is chargeable with extra credits.

Destination Atlas Services

We have the following services related to OmixAtlas - 

1. Data Curation - Our experts can curate data on demand if the users have any specific metadata that needs to be added.

2. Downstream Analysis - Users can request downstream analysis with the dataset of their interest.